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I'm Tea 🥰  your Psychic Bestie 💋

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Intuitive Sungoddess (2).png

"I had my first one on one reading today with her and it completely blew my mind how how it connected I was amazed at how well of an understanding she had I’ll definitely be coming back in the future and will be keeping in touch with her throughout my journey 💕 she was so patient and helpful I don’t think I’ve ever felt so comfortable with someone I don’t know, her energy is amazing super easy to communicate with ❤️ "


"Loved my reading, very spot on and accurate with my situation at hand ❤️ "


"I thoroughly enjoyed my reading!!! She had a way of making me feel calm and knowing that it will all be alright. Highly recommended and looking to schedule another one in the future definitely!!!💫🌛 "


"Your an amazing reader !!! Thank you so much for everything truly gifted🙌❤️ "               @brianna8800

"Incredible 👏 without even going into detail about my past and traumas immediately the universe showed her what I had been hiding and needing to heal will for sure do another reading 10/10"         


Absolute beautiful energy. Very blunt and to the point. She will not leave you hanging with the unknown. I just asked for a couple of cards and she continued pulling until she got the truth. She kept asking questions to clarify. She went above and beyond. She picked up on things that my person had told me and I didn’t even tell her a single thing about him except his name. She’s amazing. I’ll be returning for sure 😍


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have you met Tea? 💕

DahTea (Tea) is an Intuitive Card Reader, Reiki Energy Healer, and Psychic Medium with over 17 years of experience. As a Spiritual Therapist and Energy Decoder, Tea specializes in helping you navigate through Spiritual Awakenings, Soul Recognition, and Twin Flame Journeys. Her passion is helping identify Mental, Physical, and Spiritual blockages in your life through Tarot/Oracle Cards, Pendulum Readings, Channeled Messaging, Energy Exchange and Magick. If you have a question, she has the tea!

Hey! Spirit said it.
Not me!

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I can help you
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Relationships   /   Love  /   Marriage  /   Energy  / Career  /   Health  /   Family  /   Finance  /   

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